Blues rock from the south

Solid blues rock from Maastricht, the Netherlands. The band plays exclusively its own work from its years of accumulated repertoire, to be heard on the band's 5 albums released by various small and large music labels such as Polydor, Phonogram, and the Swedish GMR record label. The band has spent the last two years working on a new album to be released this fall. The band has been playing in ...
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Dutch Blues Challenge 2022

The Liberators are in the finals of the Dutch Blues Challenge 2022. On October 2, 2022, the band, along with the other finalists, will play at the Dutch Blues Challenge in Nieuw-Vennep. The challenge committee judged the entries on blues content, instrumental and vocal talent, originality and charisma. For The Liberators and the other finalists, participating means a step towards well...
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  The band's music is best described as solid rock blues based on the roots of contemporary popular music. Several songs on the fifth album refer to these original roots, such as Waitin' with references to heavy electric blues; Can't Wait Another Day and Look for More has symphonic rock influences and a link to Jazz and Fusion; Clash is a tribute to the...
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The long-awaited fourth album by The Liberators was released in 2020. "Troubled Mind" is the title of that album and contains 10 songs of their own, ranging from the tough title track "Troubled Mind" to the subdued ballad "Good Man". The band shows its versatile and energetic side on this album, as the fans are used to. The album can be ordered as a (hardcopy) CD in the band's webshop and bol....
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