A Ride Out of Town – CD


Nieuw album van The Liberators. Officiële release is 19 januari 2024

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  1. A Ride Out of Town
  2. Can’t Run, Can’t Hide
  3. Come On
  4. 90 Minutes (ain’t that a shame)
  5. Find the Groove
  6. Long Journey
  7. Night Sky
  8. Solidarity
  9. Lesterfication
  10. Longin’ (Live)


The Liberators are:
Stephan Hermsen – Vocals and Harp
Frans Piepenbrock – Guitar
Ronald Roodbol – Bass
Lucas Vroemen – Drums

All songs written by Piepenbrock, Hermsen, Roodbol and Vroemen, except Longin’, which is written by Piepenbrock, Post, Coenen and Vroemen

Peter Hermesdorf plays sax on “Solidarity” 

Studio locations
“A Ride Out of Town”, “Come On”, “Find the Groove”, “Long Journey” and “Night Sky” recorded at GAM studios in Belgium by Jo Smeets. “Can’t Run, Can’t Hide”, “Solidarity” and “Lesterfication” recorded at Bankastudios in The Netherlands by Jo Smeets. “90 Minutes” and some dubbing are recorded at Studio Mancave in The Netherlands by Lucas Vroemen. Longin’ was recorded during a live show in Hedon Zwolle, The Netherlands, on the 13th of September 2022 by engineer Prem Chaisuwan during a live radio show for BluesWorld, hosted by Tonio Aa.

Mixed and produced  by Lucas Vroemen at Studio Mancave.
Mastering by Wolfgang Neumann.
Thanks to SPL for supplying their wonderful studio equipment for our recordings.

© ℗ The Liberators 2023. All rights reserved


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Phone: +31(0) 6 55174797 or +31 (0) 6 26955765
mail for bookings: info@theliberators.nl

Op deze aankoop zijn de Algemene Voorwaarden van toepassingen. Lees hier meer. Let wel, je kunt het album enkel retourneren als de CD nog in de gesealde hoes zit en die plastic seal niet open gemaakt is.

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